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The Satorialist - Inspire & Dream

Scott Schuman, the infamous Sartorialist came and talked at the Indianapolis Museum of Art yesterday and it was FANTASTIC.

I had a temperature of 103 and couldn’t hold down a thing and I made it, and I’m so glad I did.

I wish I could’ve transcribed it all as he talked about some great ideas onĀ  how is blog is much more than just about fashion. Here is a choice quote, I’m paraphrashing here,

"I wasn’t the best photographer, or the best fashion editor, or the best designer, but I was good enough in all those things to be the best in what I am doing today."

I know with my current job struggles, I feel that I’m not expert in anything, but I hope I can find “myself”, and take the things I’m good at - and be an expert in something I can create for myself.

Thanks for Coming to the IMA Scott! I hope one day to actually meet him!